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The word, 'Curriculum' literally means "the subjects taught at an educational institution, or the topics taught within a subject". At Heatley SS, we have more than just subjects.
What we have is a Pedagogical Framework which is an all-encompassing document and set of practices we use to ensure ‘high quality teaching focused on the achievement of every student’. To us that achievement means reaching their academic and personal potential. To this end, we aim to provide a balanced learning program with an emphasis on developing literacy, numeracy, problem solving and personal development skills and knowledge.
The driving force behind our Pedagogical Framework is the Dimensions of Teaching and Learning. The Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (DoTL) was published by Education Queensland in 2010. It represents a synthesis of research around improving student learning (including Elmore 2007, 2010; Hattie 2008, 2009; Marzano 2007, 2009; Timperley 2008, 2009). The dimensions are: curriculum intent, assessment; sequencing teaching and learning; making judgments; and feedback. They are student-centred and focused on the need to ensure that every day, in every classroom, every student is learning and achieving. The set of linked, mutually supportive dimensions is intended as the basis of each teacher's professional practice, helping direct teacher activity and decision-making around the following aspects of student learning:
·       What do my students already know?
·       What do they need to learn?
·       How do I teach it?
·       How will they demonstrate their learning?
·       How will I know how well my students have learned it?
·       Where to next?
Application of this framework involves teachers in an iterative process of asking questions about student needs and progress, evaluating evidence and thinking about what, when and how to teach for effective learning of all students.
At Heatley SS, we have joined with a large number of schools in the Northern Region who are working with an external consultant and academic expert, Dr Lyn Sharratt. We commenced this in Term 4, 2013 and the school has undertaken to implement her work, "Putting Faces on the Data" which is based on 14 parameters. We are beginning to see some very positive results from this highly focused work, with the greatest changes being in the classroom and with the ways teachers are making the learning visible. We expect our student results will show strong improvements over the next few years. Watch this space and read our newsletters for progress reports.
Please go to the links to the left of this information to read more about our teaching and learning, booklists, homework practices and look at the Australian Curriculum year level achievement standards.