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Member of North QLD Region (NQR) initiative: 'Putting Faces on the Data'
Heatley State School has been working in the NQ Region's school improvement initiative since August 2013 when we joined as one of 40 initial trial schools. 
Since then all NQ schools are participating to varying degrees with leading academic and researcher, Dr. Lyn Sharratt from Ontario, Canada (See her website: Since 2013 members of our the school leadership team have attended  workshops with several workshops with Dr. Sharratt who has visited the region on a number of occasions. Dr. Sharratt has devised 14 parameters that evidence shows do make a difference in student's learning outcomes, especially around reading, writing, speaking and problem solving - the fundamental skills provided by schooling. Heatley SS is using these parameters to shape the strategies and actions for our key school priorities.
Her book, "Putting Faces on the Data" (2012) provides evidence and practice examples from schools that have lifted student results. Her most recent book, 'Leading Collaborative Learning” (2016) features case studies from schools in our North QLD region. 
At Heatley SS we use our school newsletter to provide fortnightly updates in the Sharratt work we are doing. Another strategy to help us work out what next actions to take when we are helping students progress their learning is use of a Data Wall - next time you visit the Admin building ask to see it and have it explained to you. Every child in our school is on that wall and it shows us their progress is below at or above expectations. The good news is, since 2013 when we started this journey, the number of students reaching at or above expected growth in reading and English has exponentially improved.