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Our staff

Heatley SS has a wonderful group of teachers and support staff who work together to assist every student succeed. We have high staff morale and a strong sense of shared purpose.

Parents/carers are encouraged to meet with their child's teacher AT LEAST ONCE PER SEMESTER to discuss their progress and development. Teachers are always happy to briefly chat to parents. However, usually they are busy of a morning before school getting ready for class and are not interruptible during class time, so for quality uninterrupted time, its always best to make an appointment.
The school's Leadership Team consists of a number of key staff serving different roles. All are available for parents/carers to meet and speak to, but again, for quality time - it is best to make an appointment.
You can drop in without prior notice to our 'Duty Office' in the Admin block to speak with a member of the Leadership Team on duty who can help you with your enquiry.

Our 2017 Leadership Team is:

Principal & Year 5 co-Line Manager
Mrs Louise Wilkinson
Please email or call our office on 07 47595333 to make an appointment to speak with a member of the Leadership Team.
Deputy Principal, Duty Officer & Prep Line Manager
Mrs Noreen Letizia
Deputy Principal & Year 4 Line Manager
Mrs Wendy Burton
Head of Curriculum & Year 2 Line Manager
Mrs Janelle Pepperdene
Master Teacher & Year 6 Line Manager
Mrs Lisa Willcox
Master Teacher, Duty Officer and Year 5 co-Line Manager
Mrs Shirley Close
Support Teacher Literacy & Numeracy & Year 3 Line Manager
Mrs Kim Creek
Support teacher Literacy & Numeracy & Year 1 Line Manager
Mrs Caron Cooke
Duty Officer
Mrs Kim Bode
Business Services Manager
Mrs Rhys Livingston
Community Education Counsellor
Mrs Patty Burns
Guidance Officer
Mrs Lynda Ross