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Behaviour support

School Beliefs about Behaviour and Learning

All staff at Heatley State Primary School are committed to creating the conditions so that every day, in every classroom, every student is learning and achieving in quality ways. We believe that all children can learn and achieve to higher levels.

Our declared values as published on our school strategic plan are: Respect, Honesty, Personal Responsibility, Creativity, Relationships and Optimism 

To this end we have created our motto, “The Heatley Way”. This is our public declaration of our beliefs about behaviour and learning and what our values in action look like. “The Heatley Way” is on display in A3 illustrated colour posters throughout the school.

"The Heatley Way" is an expected way of behaving for all members of the school community, including parents/carers, staff, visitors as well as students.

Our Responsible Behaviour Plan is based on Education Queensland’s “Code of School Behaviour” and is an expression of our determination to make Heatley State Primary School a great school. We teach our children how to be happy, healthy and respectful citizens so they can to make a positive contribution to society. The theoretical underpinning of our Behaviour Plan is based on the work of William Glasser and his Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.  We use the Department of Education and Training's resources to provide physical/mental health and resilience building programs. Since 2011, our school has been working on enacting the intentions of the Qld Schools Declaration Against Violence and Bullying and we observe the annual 'National Day of Action against bullying and violence'.


With the implementation of these approaches, over the past few years, suspension rates and general referrals to the office for student misbehaviour have steadily reduced. The school has become a peaceful and joyful place to be in.

It is vital that all members of the school community openly communicate to ensure we can understand each other's perspectives. Parents are actively encouraged to come in and meet with their child's teacher to discuss issues - and should not wait for the school to call first. To get quality time with the teacher, it is best to make an appointment.

We recognise that parents know their own children best and the more information the school has, the greater chance we have to help the student achieve to their potential.  

It takes a village to raise a child and a home-school partnership is the ideal for this situation. So please don’t wait for the mole hill to turn into a mountain and you and your child/children have become too distressed. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we find out, the sooner we can do something.  Contact us.​